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Mathis Yacht Building Co. Sequoia: 104 footer
Maemere: 110 footer
Captiva: 110 footer
Truant: 120 footer

The refined designs of the American motor yachts built from the late 1920s through the early 1930s and exemplified by the work of the renowned naval architect John Trumpy are available to the discerning yachtsman once again! McMillen Yachts, with our decades of experience in classic yacht restoration, has married these designs with traditional boatbuilding talents and the modern construction techniques of today! Until now these timeless designs were only available for those few who have been willing to take on the many challenges of restoring and maintaining a classic wooden motor yacht. If John Trumpy were alive today, it is our assertion that he would be building his innovative designs with the finest materials and latest systems available while continuing to employ the many long lasting traditions and techniques that have survived the test of time.

For those yachtsmen who are looking for an alternative to the standard tinted, tear drop windows and condominium-like interiors, look no further. Until now, there have been no options in the large production motor yacht market for the eco-minded person of means and good taste. It is our belief that these magnificent designs of the 1920s & 30s were abandoned only in the industryís quest to develop a yacht with lower maintenance costs, following the troubled economic times that lead to World War II and which culminated in the mass produced, modern designs of post war America. Today we are equipped to build a custom yacht in fiberglass hull construction, but with all of the appeal of a classic Trumpy yacht!

Another feature, which is very important to us in the construction of these yachts, is their environmentally sensitive qualities. To begin with, even with their fiberglass hulls, they will be built largely of wood, a renewable resource. We will be implementing many energy efficient systems, including an optional hybrid biodiesel-electric power plant. And most important, is the great energy efficiency of these easily driven displacement hulls, inherent in their design. While it is necessary to power typical modern yachts of this size with multi-thousand horse power engines in order to drive their hulls through the water at high speeds, our designs require as little as a few hundred horse power to drive them at a comfortable 12 knot cruising speed!

We will begin by offering the 120-foot Truant! Originally designed in 1929 and built in 1930, Truant was the second to largest Mathis-Trumpy ever built and represented the pinnacle of John Trumpyís career. Once our modern reproduction of Truant is under construction, we will begin taking orders for additional 120 footers and also offer reproductions of the 104 foot Sequoia. She was originally built in 1925 and served as the Presidential Yacht from 1933 until 1977, under seven U.S. Presidents. We will also offer two versions of the 110 footers, Maemere & Captiva, originally built in 1929 & 1931 respectively and each featuring two very distinctive deckhouse arrangements.

If your wish is to own an original classic wooden Mathis-Trumpy motor yacht, then please consider our fractional yacht ownership program featuring three of the finest examples of restored Trumpys in the world!

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